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Our staff

Mrs Karen Hyde

Head of Department (P-12 Curriculum): Ms Beth Harlow

Business Service Manager: Mrs Deanne Richardson

Administrative Officer: Mrs Melissa DeHennin, Ms Kellie Harlow

School Chaplain: Ms Lyn Hall

Learning Support Teacher:  Mrs Glenda Teirney

Students with Disabilities:  Mrs Genda Teirney

Prep teacher/Year 1/Year 2 Teacher: Miss Anjii Bennett

Year 3/4 Teacher: Miss Georgia Barbeler

Year 5/6 Teacher: Mrs Alison Fleming-Johns

HPE Teacher (P-12): Ms Amy Webb

Art Teacher: Miss Lucy Senior

Secondary Teachers:

  • Ms Bec Manns
  • Ms Meany Molenaar
  • Ms Beth Harlow
  • Mr  Anthony Molenaar

Construction & Engineering Supervisor:  Mr Anthony Molenaar

Library Coordinator/MIS Administrator: Mrs Anne Hauff

Instrumental Music: Mr Bill Vincent

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) teacher: Devina Ramlackakn


  • Mrs Stacey Hansen
  • Miss Sheree Hanton
  • Mrs Liz Baillie
  • Miss Jill Kelly
  • Ms Kathy Wright
  • Ms Rachel Elliott

Cleaning staff:

  • Ms Wilma Richardson
  • Mrs Carol Hillier
  • Mr Danny Hillier

School Facilities Officer: Mr Bruce McPaul


School Crossing Supervisor: Mrs Shelley Haughton